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Welcome to BizRevamp, the most comprehensive legal business program tailored specifically for entrepreneurs like you! In this all-inclusive education platform, we've curated everything you need to know into one convenient place—covering legalities, business strategies, marketing insights, and the delicate art of balancing it all.

BizRevamp includes a wealth of educational topics curated by Rachel Brenke, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to thrive in your entrepreneurial journey:

  • Business Planning 101: Craft a solid business plan, identify your niche, and prepare for the future with insights on insurance and taxes.
  • Contracts 101: Simplify the complexities of contracts as we guide you through their creation, types, and legal necessities.
  • DIY Copyright & Trademark: Learn to safeguard your intellectual property through proper copyright and trademark registration.
  • DIY LLC: Step-by-step guidance on creating and maintaining your own Limited Liability Company.
  • Legally Cover Your (SM) Assets: Keep your social media presence legally sound while protecting your business interests.
  • Marketing Legalities: Understand the legal implications of client emails, website setup, and the use of testimonials in your marketing efforts.
  • PriceIt to Sell: Determine the minimum pricing required for a successful business, grasp the psychology behind pricing strategies, and calculate your Cost of Doing Business (CODB).
  • Goal Planning: Master the art of setting achievable goals for the year with pre-recorded calls and interactive worksheets.
  • Marketing the Holidays: Gain valuable insights and tips for legal and profitable holiday marketing, ensuring a successful season for your business.

BizRevamp offers an array of benefits to support your growth:

  • Instant, 24/7 access to on-demand videos.
  • Downloadable checklists, templates, and guides.
  • Unlimited course access—never expires as long as the course exists.
  • Intimate support from team.
  • Exclusive online community with fellow students.

Enrolling in BizRevamp is simple:

  • Enroll in BizRevamp.
  • Log into your educational portal, watch videos, and complete outlined tasks.
  • Join our Education community for any questions or support.

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