YouTube Contract Bundle

YouTube Contract Bundle

YouTube Contract Bundle

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Navigating the legal landscape of YouTube can be daunting, whether you're a new content creator or an established channel with a substantial following. Protecting yourself and your channel is paramount, and that's where our YouTube Contract Bundle comes in.

Crafted to address the key legal considerations for YouTubers of all levels, this bundle empowers you to set clear expectations with your viewers and safeguard your interests effectively. Here's what it includes:

  • General Disclaimer: This comprehensive disclaimer shields your channel from liability by outlining the terms and conditions of use, as well as general disclaimers. It helps mitigate legal risks associated with content consumption and interaction on your channel.
  • Earnings Disclaimer: In compliance with FTC regulations, this disclaimer allows you to transparently share your marketing results while clarifying that individual outcomes may vary. It promotes accountability and integrity in your revenue disclosures.
  • Affiliate Link Disclaimer: An essential component for FTC compliance, this disclaimer notifies viewers that your video descriptions or links may contain affiliate links. By providing transparency, you maintain trust with your audience while adhering to legal requirements.
  • Product/Service Disclaimer: This disclaimer underscores that any recommendations or endorsements of products/services in your videos are based on your own subjective opinions and experiences. It helps manage expectations and disclaims any guarantees associated with the promoted products/services.

Bonus Inclusion:

  • Copyright Notice: Assert your ownership rights over the content of your videos with this copyright notice. By putting viewers on notice, you deter unauthorized use or reproduction of your intellectual property.

With our instant-download, lawyer-drafted contracts, you'll have the peace of mind of legal protection without the hassle. Easy to understand and reusable, these contracts are indispensable tools for safeguarding your YouTube channel and fostering a thriving creator community.


Template in .doc for easy copy-paste 

Highlighted guides and notes for easy fill-in-the-blank customization 

#1 Download instantly via email

#2 Back-up to your digital file system for use in future

#3 Fill-in-the-blank and edit based on guides in the contract

#4 Copy/paste into any online contract signing system or CRM for use!

-Can I edit the contracts?

Yes! They come as .doc files so you can fill-in-the-blank, remove or add what you need. We provide options and headings to easily allow for editing.

-Can I use these contracts if not in the US?'s contract forms are drafted on general American law-based contract principles and are applicable to many states.  Due to variations in law based on location and business policies, the contracts are editable and easily adaptable. If you are a business owner outside the US, the policies may be implemented for your business, but U.S. Federal Copyright laws and other legal theories may not apply.  For example, in the United States, unless otherwise contracted, the business owner retains copyright ownership of materials. However, in other countries, the law may give the copyright ownership to the client and necessitate a provision for transfer. is owned and run by a lawyer but is not a law firm. All purchases are for general education. It is recommended to have a local lawyer review all products for your use.

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